Role of Website Heatmaps to Highlight the Website’s Performance

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What are Website Heatmaps 

Website heatmaps are data visualization tools, which help any company or business to understand the performance of specific web pages belonging to its website. Heatmaps are mainly responsible for providing a graphical representation of the available data as maps or diagrams with different color combinations to denote different values and data sets. 


Key Facts and Functions of Heatmaps Available for Websites

Types of Heatmaps to Use by Online Businesses Today

Heatmaps tools are available in different types to help you investigating different aspects related to the performance of your website. Accordingly-

Click Maps/Touch Maps

Click maps or touch maps give you an aggregate of the places, where visitors click on desktop devices or tap fingers on mobile devices respectively. The map has color codes of three different colors i.e. yellow, orange and red to show the clicked and the most tapped elements. 

Scroll Maps 

Scroll maps highlight the exact percentage of individuals scrolling down to any particular point of your web page. These maps show results with red color and the redder area highlights more numbers of visitors.  

Mobile and Desktop Heatmaps 

Mobile and desktop heatmaps compare the performance of your business website on different types of devices. For instance, a content that appears prominent on any desktop page may sit extreme below on a phone’s fold. In this situation, you have to check the difference in interaction properly and in detail. 

Move Maps

Move maps keep a track on places where desktop users move and stop the mouse while navigating the web page. Move maps have certain hot spots to represent the places, where users stopping their mouse. Research has revealed a huge correlation between where people stop their mouse or search anything. In other words, move maps indicate places, where people may look while they go through web pages. 

How Heatmaps are Superior to Analytics Tools

Analytics tools only provide limited metrics to highlight the pages visited by users. However, they lack details related to actual understanding of users’ engagement with respective pages. Website heatmaps give comprehensive overview on behavior of users. Heatmaps are visual as compared to standard analytics-related reports and hence, they conduct easy analysis at a glance. Heatmaps thus make everything more accessible, especially to people not accustomed towards analysis of data in big amounts. 

Therefore, heatmapping tools for websites enable companies and analysts to filter and segment the data easily. 


Last updated on: 29 June, 2020